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Tunnel signs

Tunnel transilluminated LED (internally illuminated) signs are designed and produced according to EN 12899-1:2008. 

Sign housing is made of stainless‐steel; the construction of the housing allows the front part of the sign to be opened to permit access by a technician or to allow the replacement of defective parts, panels, LEDs, el. AC adapter.  The sign is mounted on the tunnel wall with special stainless‐steel supports.  Each sign has its own independent power supply 230 V, 50 Hz; power consumption of 10 or 15 W. The power supply cable is located on the vertical side of the sign.

The sign surface is made from a polycarbonate panel or tempered glass with the sign symbol cut out of 3M® ElectroCut Film Series 170. Stainless‐steel housing V4A ‐ DIN 1.4571, powder coated, LED lighting, power supply 230 V, 50 Hz. Water and dust resistance classification IP65.

Escape route signs have long life span and excellent reliability due to stainless steel bodywork and LED lighting. IP65 water and dust resistance classification, sign properties in accordance with EN12899-1, IK10 degree of protection.

Photoluminescent version of escape route sign is also available.

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