Support in the project/product development

  • Design in accordance with the product requirements
  • 3D planning and visualisation
  • Internal and external tests and testing
  • Certification in accordance with the requirements

Drawing up of technical documentation

  • Technical and technological documentation for product industrialisation


  • Laser cutting of metal sheet and pipes
  • Robot and manual welding of metal sheet and pipes
  • Metal sheet and pipe bending
  • Grinding and polishing of metal sheet and pipes
  • Powder coating of metal products
  • Construction and assembly of metal products
  • Integration of electrical components into products
  • Digital print on retroreflective foils
  • Digital print on different materials
  • Foil cutting and lamination
  • Stamping of license plates
  • Comprehensive technological equipment for the production of license plates
  • Vehicle wrapping

Software solutions

  • Comprehensive software solution for license plate production management
  • Software solutions for access control