Mission and vision

The company’s mission is to create advanced solutions with innovative approach, which ensure the company’s leading position in the sectors, where it already operates, as well as the expansion of its operation to new perspective fields.

VISION of the KIG group is to become:

  • The sole Slovenian manufacturer of licence plates and the leading provider of solutions for license plates in the region (Balcan). Our own know-how gained through the years and included in the comprehensive solution VERESIS is the basis for offering the solutions also at global level.
  • The trustworthy and recognised provider of metal solutions and products in the field of equipment for facilities and processing of metal sheet and pipes. The ability to offer comprehensive solutions (machine processing, surface processing, setting-up and assembly as well as installation of other components) is our competitive advantage, which is continuously supplemented with knowledge and investments into technology.
  • The Europe-wide recognised provider of traffic equipment, with focus on the tunnel safety signs and tunnel equipment.
  • The leading and the largest domestic manufacturer of traffic signalisation, that offers its customers information technologies for the planning, selection and purchase of signalisation.
  • The recognised provider of modern complex solutions for eMOBILITY or NEW MOBILE ECOSYSTEMS.