Solutions for license plates

License plates

We see the license plates not as a piece of metal but as a document. The basic criteria for the production of license plates are quality and safety and therefore, we install a variety of safety elements into license plates in addition to the highest-quality materials. Beside the high protection and long lifespan, these elements also offer a complete traceability of the license plate, from the production to its controlled destruction.

The selection of the best materials of recognised suppliers ensures the long lifespan of our products.

We offer a wide range of safety possibilities for our license plates:

  • Bar code and serial number, which enable the traceability of the license plane from the production to the controlled destruction as well as a 100% control of the production process
  • Labelling with safety mark
  • Labelling with virtual safety thread VST
  • Heat coating with paint and integrated protection
  • Various digitally printed graphics
  • Holograms

Customer support

HERE you can find the provisions regulating the field of motor vehicle and trailer registration.

In Slovenia, license plates can only be bought at authorised trades: administrative units and technical examinations.


Ministry of the interior of Slovenia,
Ministry of infrastructure of Slovenia,
Agency for identification documents, register and data exchange of BIH,
Ministry of infrastructure of Albania,
Ministry of infrastructure of Kosovo.


Our long-time experience and special expertise enabled us to create our own system for the production of license plates. The system is called VERESIS® and offers a comprehensive solution for the production of license plates.

Highly protected empty license plate

  • The base is made from cromated aluminium with high quality retroreflective 3M® foil
  • Different safety elements for high protection
  • Complete software and production solution for 100% traceability

Highly protected personalised license plate

  • Software solution for personalisation management
  • Special software for alphanumerical combinations
  • Fully computed stamping process
  • Special safety elements for personalisation

Highly protected third license plate

  • Different types of safety labels
  • Passive RFID labels
  • Complete system for vehicle RFID identification and control

Highly protected system for vehicle registration

  • Management of orders, planning, production and logistics
  • Database of the license plate’s life cycle
  • Software for controlled destruction of invalid license plates and cutting machine

Veresis® added value

  • Modular and flexible structure of solutions
  • Software support at all stages
  • 100% traceability of the license plate’s life cycle and destruction management

License plate production manager

LPPM is a software solution that is a part of VERESIS® system and a proprietorial product of the KIG® company.

It is a programme that enables the user a complete traceability through the production cycle of the license plate, from the order to the destruction.

Additional safety features may be added if required. Logistics and distribution of license plates are 100% controlled and traceable.