Environment and quality



Company management and all employees are aware that only an environmentally friendly company that meets all environmental standards allows for a pleasant working environment and a peaceful coexistence with neighbours and environment.

To achieve these goals, we commit ourselves to carry out the following activities in the future:

  • Protection of the natural environment and introduction of environmentally friendly technologies in individual investments that lead to the improvement of processes
  • By strict monitoring and complying with all applicable regulatory requirements regarding key environmental issues and objectives and annual reviews of their
  • effectiveness, opportunities for improvement and compliance commitment
  • We ensure the rational use of energy products and the reduction of waste
  • By training, educating and raising awareness of our employees, we contribute to responsible attitude towards the environment, reduce risk, and improve operations to prevent the emergence of extraordinary events and – to the greatest extent possible – environmental pollution
  • We inform our suppliers and subcontractors about our environmental policies and monitor their implementation
  • We are committed to continuous improvement of the environmental management system, creating additional confidence of local people and our customers
  • Our environmental policy is publicly available.

The company management and all employees always strive for the best possible working environment in order to protect and relieve the environment.



  • Quality and safety of products come first – risks are systematically identified and systematically eliminated or reduced.
  • We build growth through strategic partnerships with our customers.
  • We protect the natural environment and ensure the health and well-being of our employees.
  • We perceive quality performance as a dynamic process, and are constantly reviewing and improving it by adapting to the changing needs of the marketplace.
  • We recognize the importance of mutual collaboration between the individual processes and the need for continuous improvement – we train employees to work in groups to actively and continuously participate in improvements.
  • Through innovation and useful suggestions, we make sure to apply best practices throughout the organization.
  • We steer our development to create intelligent solutions that contribute to a low-carbon society in line with our KIG Eco Mobility system development strategy: clean, smart, secure.
  • Manufacturing processes – we are constantly focused on improving the efficiency and traceability of processes.
  • We work closely with suppliers to streamline operations and reduce irregularities.
  • Error-free, without delays, without discrepancies, with satisfied customers and employees.