Mobility solutions

Mobility solutions for cycling infrastructure

The KIG company has recognised that the field of new mobility, with particular focus on cycling infrastructure, is a great opportunity. We started to develop new products and comprehensive solutions for storage, rental, servicing and charging of bicycles. We prepared concepts for intermodal centres that combine all the aforementioned features.

Solutions for bicycle storage

eBB – e BIKE BOX (System for individual bicycle storage)

We offer two systems, eBB-S and eBB-S, which differ in the appearance but ensure the same features.

  • It enables a safe storage of individual bicycles
  • The locking system can be adapted to the customer’s needs (IT system, independent locks,…)
  • The number of boxes can be adapted, since the system is modular
  • The product is made of anti-corrosion material, ensuring a long lifespan
  • The product is powder-coated is accordance to the customer’s needs
  • eBB can be equipped with a graphical image in accordance with the customer’s needs


This is a protected bicycle stand intended for the storage of ownership bicycles in a room, to which only the owners have access.

  • The product is supported by the IT system that controls the access, the occupancy and the charging of bicycles and limits the access of unauthorised persons.
  • The basic module is constructional independent, as it does not need a building permit, since it is classified as garage building (classification 12420). The product is also compliant with Article 44 of the Rules on the cycling surfaces.
  • The framework is made of anti-corrosion material, which ensures a long lifespan
  • Each parking spot is equipped with a charging socket for bicycles
  • Each parking spot also has a cabinet for the storage of personal items (helmet, backpack, etc.)
  • The system can also be equipped with other additional features, such as solar charging

Solutions for bicycle rental

We offer a system for bicycle rental in cooperation with the company CULT d.o.o.

  • The system promotes urban cycling and increases the portion of paths made by bicycle and improves the conditions for moving inside the areas of slow traffic. It has a positive effect on the health of citizens and conservation of environment.
  • The system is supported by the IT solution that ensures the rental of free bicycles at the station, the return of bicycles at any other station and the rental of bicycles with user or credit card. The system also records all activities and thus ensures a complete audit trail.
  • The system is fully modular and the controlling can be performed via the central terminal with the touch screen or via the mobile application. Additional features can also be added, such as solar charging or advertising space.

Solutions for charging and maintenance of bicycles

Pillar for quick bicycle repair

The pillar with its innovative set-up and the set of tools with the air pump enables the repair or maintenance of bicycles on the way. It is equipped with:

  • Universal wrench
  • Phillips and flat-blade screwdriver
  • Two fork wrenches
  • Two tyre pullers
  • Hexagon wrench
  • Air pump

Pillar for bicycle charging

It enables the cyclists to charge the e-bicycles between the stops on their cycling way, it is suitable for the setting-up in front of the tourist and restaurant facilities; alongside the frequent cycling paths and in front of other facilities in the traffic infrastructure.

Pillar for bicycle charging is equipped with:

  • 6 sockets 230V
  • Each socket has a fuse that prevents the electric shock if a false connector is connected to the socket
  • Protection class IP 54

Solutions for intermodal centres

The future of urban transport lies in the intermodal centres or hubs for different types of transport.
Thus, systems that enable the user to change the means of transport on the way, have increased in frequency.

Such systems require infrastructure and connectivity of this infrastructure into larger IT solutions, which ensure a good user experience to the user and simple management to the provider.
For the needs of easier and better presentation, the KIG company has prepared the concepts that present the installation of the cycling infrastructure into such centres.
The photo represents an example of installation of the system for bicycle rental and storage into a bus station.

Storage systems

The KIG company offer solutions for electronic systems of cabinets intended for the storage and access control. Our solutions enable a safe storage and have a wide spectrum of usages:

  • Parcel collection (online shopping)
  • Storage of clothes (chemical cleaning, fitness and other sports and tourist centres)

The units ensure the connectivity with the existing system of the buyer or operate as independent units.


We manage and combine all technologies necessary for a successful realisation of projects related to the new mobility of cycling solutions, solutions for charging of e-vehicles and solutions for storage and access control:

  • Analysis of the existing state and preparation of innovative solution
  • Counselling
  • Modelling and preparation if designs on the basis of the customer’s needs
  • Construction
  • Drawing up of documentation
  • Production
  • Coating
  • Graphic equipment
  • Electrical equipment
  • Supply and assembly
  • Preparation and creation of a suitable software solution

Charging stations for e-vehicles