About the company

The KIG company was established in 1948 with the main goal to produce functional metal products. In 1961, it began to produce the license plates for vehicles for the ex SR Slovenia, which was a part of the ex-Yugoslavia. The production and supply of license plates for vehicles remained the foundation of the company’s operation to this day. Other production lines for light metal sheet and pipes developed in different periods throughout the history of the company, especially in interdependence of the market demands. Today, the company is renowned for its metal solutions for hotel equipment (hotels, stores, other public premises) and is increasingly gaining reputation also in the field of traffic solutions.

The KIG company differs from other competitors in the clear vision and sense of responsibility towards its employees, buyers, suppliers, owners and the company as a whole.

Our values are:

  • Commitment to achievement of goals,
  • Transparency and consistency,
  • Cooperation and team work, while respecting all individuals,
  • Professionalism and scientific excellence.


KIG d.d. is a stock company and a member of the  MSIN group.

The MSIN group consists of:
KIG d.d. and its subsidiaries:

  • KIG KGA d.o.o. – Limited liability company (100% ownership): specialised it the production of license plates for vehicles in Slovenia and foreign countries
  • Meblo Signalizacija d.o.o. Nova Gorica – Limited liability company (100% ownership): leading Slovenian manufacturer of traffic signalisation.