Traffic solutions

Vertical traffic signalisation

Our subsidiary MEBLO SIGNALIZACIJA d.o.o. offers our investors or customers cooperation in different stages of a project that includes traffic signalisation:

  • Cooperation in the drawing up of project documentation
  • Production and supply in accordance with technical requirements of SIST EN 12899
  • Assembly in accordance with technical requirements of SIST EN 12899

We provide comprehensive solutions for:

  • Vertical traffic signalisation
  • Tourist traffic signalisation
  • Traffic equipment and traffic mirrors
  • Traffic equipment and safe construction sites
  • Innovative marking of school ways

For more information visit the web page MEBLOSIGNALIZACIJA.SI

To select an appropriate traffic sing see the interactive catalogue and assistant POMOČNIK.MEBLOSIGANALIZACIJA.SI

Sings with internal lighting

We developed signs with internal LED lighting in order to achieve higher visibility of traffic signs in bad visibility conditions. These signs are intended for the marking of:

  • Pedestrian crossings
  • Major roads
  • Steering and guidance

Tunnel safety signs

We offer a comprehensive programme of tunnel safety and steering signs with internal LED lighting and equipment:

  • Tunnel signs for marking of escape/emergency ways
  • Tunnel traffic signs and signs for traffic management
  • SOS cabinets
  • LED markers for exit ways
  • Fotoluminescent and retroreflective signs

Advantages of our solutions and products:

  • COMPREHENSIVE SOLUTION – we offer support at all stages: planning, development, production and testing
  • FLEXIBILITY – the signs with internal lighting are developed and produced according to our customer’s needs or project requirements
  • COMPLIANCE – our signs are produced in accordance with the EN12899-1 standard and other required standards in accordance with the customer’s needs
  • QUALITA – IP protection, IP66 or IP 65-6 bar, 3M foil, corrosion-resistant housings,…
  • LOW ENERGY CONSUMPTION – high quality LED lighting
  • ADDITIONAL OPTIONS – battery charging, error feedback, LED lighting for escape ways, orientation light, SCADA control

For more information visit Tunnel safety signs.


Reflectors and signs for vehicles

We produce reflectors and signs for vehicles, which are compliant with the required regulations and made from quality and sustainable materials and use various mounting systems.

ECE 69.01

Sign ECE 69.01 for marking of slow vehicles of up to 40 km/h.

ECE 70.01

Marking of long and heavy vehicles ECE 70.01

ECE 104

3M strip with 55 mm width, intended for the marking of the contours of trucks and trailers. It can be placed on hard surfaces as well as soft tarpaulins. It improves the visibility at night and exceeds the requirements of ECE 104.

DIN 11030

Signs of different dimensions are intended for the marking of the exposed vehicle parts, such as wider tractor trailers, construction machinery, mobile homes, caravans, and exceptional transports of wide and long objects that stick out of the vehicle. They are compliant with Slovenian and European standards. The signs have a metal base, on which the retroreflective M3 foil is glued. All signs exceed the requirements of DIN 11030 standard.


The sign “Children transportation” with dimensions 400 x 400 mm or 250 x 250 mm in four different designs.


Mandatory sign for all vehicles transporting hazardous waste.

Vehicle wrapping

We specialise mainly in wrapping of vehicles with retroreflective foils:

  • police vehicles
  • fire-fighting vehicles
  • rescue vehicles

We offer a comprehensive solution from the design to the execution. Our long-time experience guarantee the quality production that ensures:

  • Integrity of vehicle after the removal
  • Resistance of the used material to weather conditions and to wear at vehicle maintenance


Digital print to retroreflective materials

We use DURST printer for printing on retroreflective materials. The printing process is certified by the company M3, which ensures the fulfilment of requirements for retroreflective and colometric characteristics in accordance with EN 12899-1 and a guarantee period (10 or 12 years).

We are also equipped with digital printer HP, which can print on materials with width of up to 1500 mm. The printer has latex cartridges and ensures a high quality of the print and quick drying.

Lamination and gluing

The lamination of printed material is conducted on two laminators CREST and DRYTAC. They enable the lamination of materials with infinite length and width of up to 1500 mm.

We are also equipped with two table laminators, which ensure the gluing on hard and flat surfaces. Laminator dimensions: 2400 x 1500 mm in 4000 x 1300 mm.


We cut all types of adhesive materials; for these purposes, we are equipped with:

  • ARISTO ARISTOMAT TL 1624C, a flat cutter that enables cutting of harder and thicker adhesive materials with infinite length and width of up to 1600 mm. A part of the machine as a frequency head intended for cutting of prismatic and retroreflective foils.
  • SUMMA S2 T140 is a cutter intended for cutting of thinner adhesive materials.