Sustainable door refurbishment with 3M film

When it comes to hotel interior design, we are a reliable partner by providing all-round solutions for metal fittings. This time, we have taken part in another hotel renovation.

Together with the renovation contractor we sought solutions to optimize costs. This led us to decide to refurbish the existing doors using 3M film, rather than installing new doors.

Using this special furniture film, we covered no less than 250 doors, achieving:

  • Look of new stylish doors: 3M film can come with any pattern that matches the interior nicely. The film can bring the warmth of the wood, coolness of the stone or colourful vividness to the space.
  • Cost saving: the cost of covering the doors with film is much lower compared to purchasing new doors, with virtually the same effect – it is impossible to tell the difference with the naked eye.
  • Sustainable impact: instead of throwing away 250 fully functional doors, we have successfully refurbished them.
  • Easy to clean: no special cleaners or complicated instructions.

Interested in giving your furniture a new look using the 3M film? Let us know your wishes.